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Premier Tadiran Telecom Business Partner

Adept Communications and Data Company, Inc. (ACDC, Inc.) is an Elite Tadiran Telecom Business Partner and a proud recipient of their 2009 Diamond Award!

Tadiran Telecom's award-winning products and best-in-class solutions cover the full spectrum of communication requirements, from comprehensive communication platforms and contact centers to applications, terminals, and management tools. Tadiran Telecom features a comprehensive family of products, including IP PBXs, Soft switches, Contact Centers, and Business phones.

Aeonix Touch

Aeonix Touch is a state-of-the-art client communications manager that enables enterprises to improve their communications both internally and externally, while saving time and money. All your enterprise communications tools are available to all users, no matter where they are, to ensure continuous communications and excellent customer service.

Smart City and Telecommunication Network
Smart City and Telecommunication Network

Small Business Solutions

Tadiran offers powerful yet simple and cost-effective off-the-shelf standalone pure IP communications solutions for small businesses, branch office environments, and the SMB market. Our compact, all-in-one standalone systems boast the functionality of larger, enterprise-class systems, incorporating dynamic call-handling and intelligent call-routing, IP capabilities, and a comprehensive suite of telephony features.

These plug-and-play systems are easy to install and can be optimally configured to meet your business needs. All-inclusive by design, they merge our legendary wealth of sophisticated capabilities with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, providing advanced, flexible applications that improve your company's competitive edge.

And as your business needs grow, our scalable modular architectural design allows you to upgrade to larger systems while retaining your investment, including system software, programming, and all station equipment.

Mid to Large Sized Enterprise Solutions

As a global unified communications platform, Tadiran's mid to large-sized enterprise solutions meet the dynamic demands of today's enterprise. These advanced telecommunications solutions offer the features and capabilities required in today's fast-paced business environment. They deliver a full complement of advanced call management features, are deployable in geographically dispersed and local environments, and are configurable to match the network characteristics of any site.


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